Viktor Ushakevich

Partner, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Legal professional since 2002.

Areas of expertise

  • Crimes against public order, justice, administrative order, corruption, economic crimes, including tax crimes, crimes of officials
  • Crimes in the IT field
  • Cases on administrative offence in the field of consumer market
  • Advocacy investigations

Viktor Ushakevich

Member of the Saint Petersburg Chamber of Advocates since 2019, register number 78/7372.

Graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University in 2002, Diploma with distinction in Jurisprudence.

Prior to his legal practice, Viktor Ushakevich used to work with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee of Russia. For 16 years, he had worked his way from investigator with the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Milkovsky District of Kamchatka Krai to Deputy Chief of Investigation Department for Closed Administrative Territorial Unit of Vilyuchinsk City of the Division of Criminal Investigations, Investigative Committee of Russia for Kamchatka Krai. He was repeatedly rewarded for his faithful performance, including 2nd and 3rd Class Medals for Honorable Service.

In 2018, he joined our team at the Law Bureau Q&A.


  • Successful criminal case related to one of the top managers at a well-known shopping and leisure network being accused of a crime under Clause 8 Article 204 of the Criminal Code of Russia (grand bribery of RUB 22 million), for which up to 12 years of imprisonment are provided as a penalty, after 9 months of hard work. He managed to prevent the court from ordering a measure of restraint in form of custody, which is very difficult in Russia when it comes to cases of the like. At the final stage of preliminary investigation, the customer’s actions were redefined under Clause 1 Article 201 of the Criminal Code of Russia (medium gravity crimes – up to 4 years of imprisonment). On July 3, 2020, the court sentenced the defendant just to pay a fine of RUB 150,000.
  • Redefinition of the customer’s actions, who was illegally accused under Clause 2 Article 318 of the Criminal Code of Russia (application of force, dangerous to life and health, to the public officer) to Clause 1 Article 318 of the Criminal Code of Russia. As a result, the customer was discharged from custody prior to the court hearing and the case was dropped with a fine.
  • Dropped criminal charge related to failure to perform functions of a tax agent (Article 199.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia) for head of a Saint Petersburg’s defense industry enterprise. In another case related to the same customer under Clause 2 Article 199.2 of the Criminal Code of Russia (concealment of funds of the company, which are subject to taxation) the latter achieved the most lenient penalty, whose amount was less than the minimum amount provided for by the said article.
  • Case termination regarding an administrative offence, which was illegally instituted by Rospotrebnadzor against a public catering company that faced administrative suspension of business for 3 months. The case was dropped due to absence of administrative offence.