Veronika Samodelova


Legal experience since 2018.

Specialization: family and inheritance law.

Veronika Samodelova

Graduated from the Law Faculty of the Higher School of Economics Research University. Since 2018, Veronika Samodelova has interned at legal departments of various companies.

Participant of the competition on international humanitarian law named after Jean Pictet, (Obernai, France (March 2018)). The Jean-Pictet Competition on International Humanitarian Law has annually been sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross since 1989 in various countries around the world and is the most prestigious competition in the world for law students specializing in the field of international humanitarian law and human rights.

Participant of the competition on constitutional justice “Khrustalnaya femida” (2020).

Participant of the St. Petersburg Youth Legal Forum (2019). Volunteer at the International Legal Forum in St. Petersburg (2017, 2018).

Author of the publication “Religious symbols and ceremonies as a manifestation of freedom of conscience in the light of decisions of national and international bodies of judicial jurisdiction.”


  • Cooperation with American lawyers in parallel processes in the territory of the two states for changing the name of a child, who has US citizenship and Russian citizenship.
  • Child support and alimony cases.
  • Legal support in the procedure for signing marriage contracts, agreements on the division of property and child support agreements.
  • Conducting cases of divorce and division of property.
  • Assistance in the conduct of an inheritance case for a client, who is living abroad.