Sergey Shuldeev

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Legal professional since 2016.

Areas of expertise

  • Crimes in the field of economics, corruption, crimes of officials, illicit drug trafficking
  • Advocacy investigations
  • Mediation

Sergey Shuldeev

Member of the Saint Petersburg Chamber of Advocates since 2020, register number 78/7772.

Graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation in 2015 Diploma in Jurisprudence.

Prior to his legal practice, Sergey Shuldeev worked in the investigation bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Since 2014 to 2016 has been working as an investigator assistant, and since 2016 to 2019 has been serving as an investigator in the field of economics. Participated in investigation of the especially important cases in the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. For faithful fulfillment of the official duties was rewarded by the management of the Investigative Department.

In 2019, he joined our team at the Law Bureau Q&A.


  • Represented victims of fraud performed by travel agency officers.
  • Represented a Chief Executive Officer of a large energy company who was accused of a large-scale fraud.
  • Represented a victim of a road traffic accident that resulted in death.
  • Represented a person, accused of possession of drugs and psychotropic substances.
  • Represented interests of a company head during investigation of a labor accident that resulted in death.