Tax Law

Tax law is one of our core activities. Our lawyers have longstanding experience in relation to a great range of major tax issues, including but not limited to:

The Bureau’s legal professionals provide legal advice regarding the issues of tax planning, taxation and tax risk management, and defend your interests before tax inspections or at court. We also can defense you in case of any accusations of tax evasion.

Corporate consultung

Tax law is full of controversies, and often companies do not know all options to use tax advantages or they may underestimate tax consequences of some transactions.

A tax lawyer must know all these complexities and tell you everything about hidden pitfalls and how to avoid it.

Be it a single consulting session or a comprehensive analysis of a company/group structure to discover tax risks, we will study your managerial solutions, categorize your civil transactions taking into account possible tax consequences, and optimize your business processes.

Tax inspections

A tax inspection is an important event, and you should be prepared well to communicate with a tax authority properly. We can help you find correct answers to its questions. We can accompany your employees before tax authorities and take care for their rights. We will study primary documents and elaborate on an efficient strategy. We will prepare objections to field tax audit reports and defend your standpoint before tax inspectorates. If required, we will appeal against decisions based on inspection reports.

Tax disputes

Disputes with tax inspectorates often occur due to ignorance of tax inspectors who are not aware of the current litigation practice and do not take into account all features of business activity.

We will study your situation and offer the optimum way of defense. We will file an application and represent you at court.

Tax consulting for natural persons

Purchase and sale of property are the transactions that require good understanding and structuring of tax expenses.

We will study your situation and help you recognize the taxation pitfalls to prevent you from paying extra taxes.