M&A and Corporate Law

The firm’s experience and expertise include advising on all aspects of disposals, demergers, joint ventures, restructurings and regulatory compliance, with a particular focus on corporate governance related disputes resolution.

The Bureau’s legal professionals can offer reliable solutions for long-term business development, high revenues, and minimizing possible risks.

We will defend you at arbitration and general jurisdiction courts during bankruptcy or corporate conflict. We can provide complex legal support for any transactions.


We will analyze your situation in detail and find optimum decisions for you. We will prepare and submit a bankruptcy petition against a debtor, recommend professional insolvency receivers, provide inclusion of the requirements into the register of creditors, or represent your interests at auctions. We will challenge the debtor’s transactions, contest undue liability, including creditor claims, appeal against illegal actions of the insolvency receiver or other persons, pledge, assessment, bidding results for property to be sold. We will provide complex support or help you at particular stages of bankruptcy to reach your goals.

Dispute settlement at arbitration and general jurisdiction courts

We will study the documents and define your prospects. We will draft and submit a primary allegation or a defense to claim to the court. We will represent you in every each court hearing. If required, we will appeal against a court order. We will do our best to make the court order implemented.

M&A corporate disputes

We will be at your side if someone has illegally withdrawn or intends to withdraw your company shares or assets. We will perform any settlement arrangements and make sure the business division is optimum taking into account your interests. We will assess the prospects of appealing against illegal actions of your former partners or hostile capturers. We will create constructive legal strategies to defend your business interests.

Legal support of transactions

We will perform complex analysis and assessment of legal risks for a prospective transaction. We will offer possible alternatives and methods and provide you with legal guarantees.

Constructing and utilizing real estate

We will support investment and construction activities at all stages. We will provide reliable legal support of design, construction, capital repairs, reconstruction, demolition of construction projects, utilizing buildings and facilities. We will represent you before governmental bodies. We will appeal against illegal actions of supervision bodies in the field of construction and utilizing of real estate. We will provide you with efficient legal support regarding real estate utilizing such as leasing, and legal aid before public utility services and resource providers, operating companies and governmental bodies.

Legal support of businesses

We can provide legal aid when it comes to business processes form the day of founding up to the day of winding up. We are ready to offer complex legal support to your business.