Administrative practice

No company in Russia is safe against an inspection by Rospotrebnadzor or by a public procurator. For a catering company, wrong equipment placement could cause suspension of business for up to 3 months, and for a prosthodontic clinic, a wrongfully bound precursor logbook could mean the end of business.

No company in Russia is safe against an inspection by Rospotrebnadzor or by a public procurator. For a catering company, wrong equipment placement could cause suspension of business for up to 3 months, and for a prosthodontic clinic, a wrongfully bound precursor logbook could mean the end of business.

Contesting illegal actions of supervising and inspecting bodies

We can tell if you (or your company) have been inspected lawfully. We will study the documents and check if the inspection complied with the procedure and if its record or certificate was executed properly. We will appeal against the inspectors’ actions before a superior authority or at court.

Defense for administrative violation cases

Even if an offense does not lead to any consequences, it may cause a large fine, suspension of business activity, or revocation of rights. We can study case materials, explain to you all possible scenarios related to your standpoint, file claims and petitions, and defend you before a governmental body or at court.

Administrative audit

The most successful administrative violation case is the case that never existed. We will check documents, company equipment, and process management features for compliance with corresponding procedures and standards (fire safety, sanitation and hygiene, etc.) We will find weaknesses, which can attract supervisors’ attention, and provide advice on how to improve internal conduct.