Olga Fedorova



Legal professional since 2008.

Areas of expertise: Corporate law.

Olga Fedorova

Advocate, member of the Saint Petersburg Chamber of Advocates, register number 78/7453.

Olga Fedorova specializes on legal support of bankruptcy procedures on behalf of both creditor and debtor, including challenging of transactions performed by the debtor prior and upon institution of bankruptcy proceedings; bringing to subsidiary responsibility the persons who control the debtor; prevention of including the claims of unfair creditors into the register; subordination of the affiliate corporate claims; imposing liability to insolvency receivers, participation in disputes related to insolvency receivers suspension.

Olga Fedorova performs legal consulting regarding the issues of debt restructuring, anti-crisis measures, analysis of legal risks and consequences when entering into transactions with real estate and other assets under the bankruptcy law and established practice in applying the law.

Her competence includes representing customers at general jurisdiction and arbitration courts; participating in extrajudicial dispute resolutions, and providing legal aid in the field of corporate law.

She regularly enhances her knowledge and improves her qualification. She adheres to systematic and deep approach to professional understanding and problem solving.

Graduated from the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov in 2011, Diploma with distinction in Civil Law. Her graduate paper was titled ‘The measures aimed at reestablishing debtor solvency under the procedure of external management.’

Prior to joining our team, Olga Fedorova used to manage the legal department of an official dealer of a large machine building enterprise.

  • Successfully adopted anti-crisis measures for a group of companies: assisted to sale liquid assets; participated in reorganization of the group of companies through merger and change in its affiliate’s participants, supervised a successful transaction regarding the sale of shares in the authorized capital along with the corporate real estate equity being released from pledge;
  • Supported entering into amicable agreements to settle a debt under terms profitable to the company, in particular mitigation/exclusion of sanctions, interests for loan use, novation;
  • Assisted in decreasing the number of legal proceedings related to collection of receivables by getting an additional collateral from the contractors (pledge of movable/immovable property, guarantee, punitive sanctions);
  • Represented and protected interests of customers during arbitration, civil and law enforcement proceedings.